Writing Nursing Essays: Top Things to Consider to Write a Great Paper

Essay writing is an inevitable part of any nursing course. However, to achieve these high grades, you need to write perfectly well. Your writing needs to be extremely clear.

Your professor should not waste their time trying to understand what you mean in a sentence or a phrase. In this article, you will learn about the basics of writing a top quality nursing paper.

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Punctuation use

Clear punctuation is one of the essential elements for write a top-notch nursing essay.

Every comma, apostrophe, and period should be where it belongs, else you risk altering the meanings of your sentences.

For instance, the phrase “nurse’s dress” is different from “nurses’ dress.”

Missing the apostrophe alters the meaning of the sentence, and your professor has to struggle to understand what you are trying to mean.

You also need to avoid the use of punctuation unnecessarily.

You need to get it right with punctuation for your paper to be clear.

Avoid Nominalizations

For your nursing essay to be clear and concise, you should only use nominalizations when necessary.

They are abstract nouns whose formation is through altering verbs.

When used, verbs tend to replace nouns, which results in weak and lengthy sentences

As an example, rather than righting “his failure was the result of…..” you should write, “He failed because of.”

Other instances include the use of words such as discussion, completion, participation, optimization, mechanization, and evaporation.

In almost all instances, they usually end with tion, ation, or ition.

Therefore, avoiding these types of words ensures that your writing is concise and active.

Avoid Repetition

Repetition makes reading your nursing paper boring. You should avoid it at all costs. Your paper needs to be precise. Ensure that you don’t repeat points as you write your nursing paper. If you have presented your points clearly, you do not have to repeat, or try to rephrase what you have said. Your professor already knows what your paper is about, and doesn’t need excessive repetitions that can make your paper repetitive and boring.

Proper Formatting

To increase your chances of getting a top score, ensure you follow the format provided by your professor. In some instances, you may be asked to follow a particular structure. In is instrumental that you adhere to it, else you may get some points deducted. You can read this guide on how to format a nursing essay.

Quite often, nursing essays have a marking rubric, which should contain the format that your paper should follow. Read it, understand it, and format your paper accordingly.

Concluding Paragraph

Otherwise, if a rubric is not provided and the instructions do not have instructions on how the paper should be formatted, use the conventional layout of an academic essay. This includes an introduction, which should have a thesis statement, body paragraphs, with each starting with a topic sentence and discussing a single idea, and a conclusion paragraph, where you should summarize the key points in the paper and make a final statement.

Referencing Style

You need to ensure that your nursing essay uses the appropriate referencing or citation style. Mostly, the instructions come with clear guidelines on the style that you need to use. However, if it does not, you can use the APA style, which is widely used with nursing essays and papers. You need to be attentive to detail to ensure that you get everything right.

In your essay, include in-text citations whenever you use other people’s ideas to support your claims. In making these citations, use the appropriate format based on the referencing style that you use.

Reference List / Bibliography / Works Cited Page

The last page in your paper should have the references to the citations used in your paper. You include a list of the sources where you borrowed your ideas. Ensure that the page is titled accordingly depending on the style that you use in your paper.

You need to be careful when writing this page since different academic styles have different requirements on what should be included. To make your work simpler, you can use the various online tools to format the references accordingly.

The items in the page need to be formatted alphabetically. If you are unsure, please check online for the relevant guides on how to write a reference list for the different academic writing styles.

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In conclusion, writing a nursing essay doesn’t have to be very challenging. However, there are certain standards that you have to follow to ensure your paper is top-notch. One of the most important is reading the instructions clearly to understand the format and style that to you should use. Avoid repetitions in your paper and ensure it formatted properly. Avoid nominalizations as much as you can. Use the various online tools that can assist you with formatting your references, or online grammar checkers to assist with spell checking and punctuations.   Therefore, with this guide on how to write a nursing essay, you are assured of getting a high grade as long as your content is accurate. 

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