How to Write a Nursing Case Study Assignment - 12 Proven Tips

A case study is one of the most difficult types when it comes to writing a nursing assignment. Though, if you know how to do it right and write an excellent nursing case study, you will get your grade in no time. Here are some tips on how to write a nursing case study assignment like an expert. 

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Do your homework

Most instructors will require that you find a specific article to use as your case study; therefore, finding an interesting one is more than necessary. It would be much easier working on the assignment if you choose a topic that you are interested in and familiar with or something similar. Basically, do everything in your power to make it interesting. You will be doing some in-depth research.

You need to develop a case study that will be interesting enough for the instructor to read. Come up with a perfect topic and design an outline for how you plan on organizing your work. If you do not have experience writing this type of assignment, ask someone who has been through it how to write it and how they did it.

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Be sure how you will organize your work

When writing a case study, you need to make sure how exactly you will organize it. The most popular organizational structure is comparison-contrast and chronological order. If the instructor does not state how they would like the assignment organized – go with what is the most natural for you. Be creative when organizing your work. It is how you are going to make it stand out among other works.

Try to use numbers and facts instead of words

The general rule for writing a nursing case study is: the more precise you will be, the better your grade will be. Write everything that is recorded in the original article/ paper/book.

Do not simply rely on how you feel about the subject; that is not how you write a case study. Numbers and facts are how people base their beliefs and how they make conclusions (if any). These are how we came to know what we do today. Remember that even though numbers may seem boring at times, it is how we achieved great things. It is how people educated themselves and learned how to build new inventions and improve old ones.

To write an excellent case study, you need to keep a scientific attitude when researching your topic. This is the most important tip in our how to write a nursing case study assignment guide. 

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Think what the reader wants

As soon as you start writing your nursing case study, keep in mind how the instructor wants you to do it. How can you make them like your work? It is a good idea to come up with some points that will attract the reader’s attention and focus on these things when writing a nursing case study assignment.

Avoid repeating information from other works

Though there are always some facts stated in more than one work, you should be careful not to repeat yourself. Always provide your perspective and how the numbers or laws/ rules you use connect with some theories or how they can help solve a problem.

The goal is to make your case study original and present readers with something new.

Provide evidence from other sources

Your case study should rely on facts. Cite those facts and how they can help solve a problem or how it relates to your topic. Show how you came up with the ideas presented in your nursing case study.

A good idea is also stating how every fact you use is connected to another one and how they all work together.

Summarize everything at the end of the nursing case study

In the conclusion, provide a brief overview of the key points in your paper. This is how you are going to tie everything together and how you are going to make your nursing case study stand out.

Format your work correctly

As with every other assignment that you will be working on, your case study needs to be formatted correctly. Use a font size of at least 12. Do not use any colors or pictures in the main body of the case study. If your instructor providers specific formatting requirements, ensure that you follow them. Check out our detailed guide on nursing case study format

Double-check for errors

Even though you should be careful when writing a nursing case study, you need to proofread and check how well things are formatted and how they make sense. Nothing is more distracting than errors. No matter how good your case study is, if you make a mistake, it will be more difficult for readers to focus on the topic and solve the problem presented in it.

When reading through your work one last time, check for errors, including how the body paragraphs are organized, how each paragraph begins, and how you format it (including margins).

Be especially careful with spelling – there is nothing worse than making grammatical mistakes in an assignment that involves numbers.

Use Headings

Adding headings to the main sections can help readers navigate through your paper. Though you may not need more than 3-4 headings in an average nursing case study, they are your tool for making it easier on yourself and how you can make the points stand out.

Bibliography Page

As it is a work of a scholarly nature, your paper should have a bibliography page. Add every source that you cited in the main body. Ensure this section is properly formatted, including using the appropriate citation style.

Check for plagiarism!

If you want to get a good grade, you need to know how to avoid plagiarism. Unless you are writing your case study from scratch (and even then, it is better to avoid this), make sure that you did not copy anything verbatim or paraphrased it.

In conclusion, writing a nursing case study assignment should not be difficult. As with any other assignment, how well it is written depends on how much effort you put into creating and revising it. Using the suggestions above will help you out when working on your case study.

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