SWOT Analysis Essay Writing

SWOT stands for Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It’s an important tool that individuals and organizations use to analyze the areas where they have strengths, the sources of their weaknesses, the opportunities they can exploit, and threats to their continued growth and competitiveness.

SWOT analysis is an important framework in strategic planning. It involves an evaluation of the internal and external environments of a particular organization. To write an outstanding SWOT analysis essay, you need to understand the key components properly.

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Components of a SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis essay highlighting key components
  • Strengths are a key component and they assist individuals or organizations to achieve their objectives. They are internal attributes. They are the internal elements that differentiate an organization from others. Examples include a loyal customer base, unique and superior technology, popular brand, and a competent workforce.
  • On the contrary, weaknesses are harmful to organizations and may hinder them from achieving their objectives. They originate from the organization. They prevent an organization from performing optimally, and adversely affect their competitiveness. Examples include a poorly motivated workforce, inefficient production systems, and an incompetent management.
  • Opportunities, on the other hand, originate from the environment, rather than internally, and can assist organizations towards the achievement of their objectives. Furthermore, companies can exploit the opportunities to achieve a competitive advantage. Examples include expanding internationally, growing population, adoption of emerging technologies, and new marketing channels. Opportunities can assist firms become more competitive.
  • Threats are harmful to organizations and they originate from their external environment. They are the factors that pose a threat to the continued growth and competitiveness of a firm. Some examples of threats include an increase in the number of cheap alternatives, increasing operating costs, changes in legislations, and increasing market competition.

SWOT Analysis Essay 250 Words

Writing a 250 words essay requires that you strongly understand the various components of an organization’s environment. It involves a scan of the internal and the external environments of a company to understand attributes that strongly influence its growth and competitiveness. However, you may be required to create a personal SWOT analysis essay, hence you have to differentiate whether you’re supposed to analyse yourself or a given company.

When you need a 250 words essay, it is critical that you use words selectively. When analyzing any company, you can write about so many elements, hence the need to be careful so that you don’t exceed the word count.

Also, just like any other essay, you must include an introductory paragraph, body, and conclusion in your paper. In the introduction part, you include a brief description of the organization that you are analyzing, in the body you can briefly discuss about the four components of a SWOT, and in the conclusion, you should include your final thoughts regarding the organization.

SWOT Analysis Essay on Coca Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company is among the most analyzed companies. In a SWOT analysis for the coca cola company, you need to conduct an extensive analysis of the internal and the external environments to understand the factors that may be supporting or harming the company as it seeks to achieve its corporate objectives.

When writing an essay on Coca Cola’s SWOT analysis, you need to have an introduction, a thesis statement at the end of the introduction, body paragraphs, a concluding paragraph, and the references page.

Briefly, some of the strengths of coca cola include a strong brand name, availability of financial resources, competent workforce, global operations, considerable market share, and loyal customers.

The weaknesses, on the other hand, includes poor product diversification, issues with CSR, health concerns, and demotivated workforce.

The opportunities include diversifying its product portfolio, investing on healthier products, strengthening presence in markets dominated by other brands, and enhancing production efficiency.

The threats include increasing market competition, changing consumer tastes, and preferences, increasing operating costs, and growing concerns about its products.

Apple SWOT Analysis Essay

Apple Inc. is also frequently analyzed and your professor may ask you to write a SWOT analysis essay on Apple. To write such a paper, you need to understand the internal and the external environments of the company. You must also adhere to the formal essay writing standards, which includes ensuring that the paper has an introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion, and references.

The strengths of the company include a strong brand identity, a loyal customer base, premium priced products, and a diversified portfolio. Weaknesses of the company include high production costs, expensive products, and issues to with quality.

The opportunities at the disposal of the company include producing cheaper products, expanding the product portfolio, and lowering production costs, while at the same time increasing efficiency. The threats include increasing market competition, changes in regulations, and changes in the preferences of the consumers.

When writing a paper on the SWOT analysis of Apple Corporation, you need to include standard components of an academic paper including an introduction, the body paragraphs, a conclusion, and some references.

SWOT Analysis Paper APA Format

Often, your professor may require that you write your analysis of a corporation using the APA format, which is a writing style for academic work. When you have to write using the format, you need to be aware of certain elements. These include the key components of the format including the title page, content pages, and the references page. A little bit of online research will yield numerous insights regarding these elements.

Furthermore, you have to understand about the components of a properly written APA essay. Such includes the details included in the title page, the parts of the paper that include the introduction, the body, the concluding paragraph, and the references page.

The format also has various requirements, such as the in-text citations, where one has to reference the sources of information regarding a given company.

SWOT Analysis Essay Writing Help

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Below is the evaluation in matrix form of an imaginary beverage company to ignite your creativity when analyzing any company.


  • A strong mission statement
  • Commitment to quality
  • The company would involve professional consultants to spearhead its product development effort
  • Creative and strong brand marketing
  • Fair pricing
  • Innovative and unique product tastes
  • Ready availability of funding
  • Availability of hi-tech equipment


  • Absence of a diversified product portfolio
  • Lack of an established brand image
  • The company has no first-mover advantage
  • Customer perceptions of fruit-sweetened soft drinks as tasty, rather than healthy
  • Limited access to external funding
  • Lack of research and development capabilities


  • Presence of a large network of potential distribution channels
  • Growing demand for non-carbonated and fruit-flavoured soft drinks in global
  • Absence of healthy soft drinks in the market, a niche that Sparkles can exploit
  • Growth of third-world economies present an opportunity for market expansion
  • Blossoming middle class and gradual recovery of world economies 
  • Increasing awareness on healthy foods


  • Competitive rivalry from established soft drink and beverages manufacturers
  • Likely changes of regulations on soft drinks
  • Challenge of getting a reliable source of raw materials
  • Slow-change of consumer perceptions of health
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