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Organizations and individuals use a SWOT analysis to evaluate the influences and factors that can affect them. It has four components, which are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In organizations, these four factors can influence their goals, business plan, objective, and mission.

Students pursuing business-related courses, such as marketing, management, or even other disciplines such as nursing, may be tasked with a SWOT analysis assignment. For most students, the SWOT analysis homework can be challenging because they lack the relevant experience or knowledge to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, or threats of a particular company.

Often, most students resort to using the many pre-written SWOT of companies such as Samsung, Apple, Amazon, and hundreds of other companies. This is quite risky since most of these analyses are outdated. They are also generic and mostly never reflect the current state of those companies. Most of them are also plagiarized.

SWOT Analysis Assignment Help

That’s why you need custom SWOT analysis to help you develop an up-to-date, detailed, and accurate SWOT analysis of any company. Our experts conduct extensive research, including evaluating the financials, annual company results, and reputable media publishers to identify the internal and the external factors that can affect the operations of the company.

The tool assists organizations and managers with a framework that assists them in understanding their market position. Companies can use the SWOT framework in the development of a strategy to move forward, which can include exploiting the strengths and opportunities while at the same time being wary of weaknesses and threats.

Strengths and weaknesses tend to be internal. They are the aspects that are within the control of an organization.

Opportunities and threats are external factors. The ability of organizations to control these external factors is limited. They can be considered based on context or the environment within which an organization operates.

Therefore, when the SWOT framework is used, meaningful insights about an organization and its environment are obtained. They can be used to make judgments or prioritize issues depending on their potential impact on an organization and its business activities and operations. The decisions made are better informed and align with the organizational mission and objectives.

SWOT analysis assignment help for any company

Assignment on SWOT analysis of a company

If your professor assigns you homework for conducting the SWOT analysis of a company, you should ask yourself various questions about the company and research extensively to find accurate answers.  Hint: If you are assigned a personal SWOT analysis assignment, you apply similar principles.


These are the internal capacities and resources that an organization has, and it can utilize them to achieve its goals and objectives.

For strengths, some of the questions you have to ask include:

  • What does the company do well in?
  • Is the company strong in the market that it serves?
  • Does the organization have a strong culture?
  • Does it have a sense of purpose, supported by a clear mission, vision, and objectives?


These are the internal aspects of a company and give it a disadvantage compared to other companies. They are the things that a company performs poorly, and they can prevent a firm from achieving its objectives and goals.

Some of the questions you need to consider include:

  • What things does the company perform poorly?
  • Are there problems affecting the company currently
  • Is the company financially strong?
  • Does the company have a strong online presence?
  • Does it use updated technologies?
  • Are the employees motivated?
  • Does the organization have a good reputation?


These are external factors that are favorable and can give the company a competitive advantage, which is instrumental in achieving its organizational goals and objectives.

The questions that you need to ask concerning strengths include:

  • What are the trends in the industry? Is the sector experiencing growth?
  • Is the market saturated?
  • Are there new products for the goods and services that a company provides?
  • What technologies specific to the industry can be exploited to achieve a competitive advantage
  • Consumer shopping trends – Are they favorable?
  • Market competition – Is it decreasing?
  • Is the price of raw materials reducing? Are there opportunities to shop for them at lower prices?


These are also external factors that have the potential of causing damage to a company, its products, or the things it ventures into. They include competitors, raw material shortages, changes in the economic environment, or even changes in laws and regulations. Threats are external and negative. Besides, a company may not have control over them.

About threats, some of the questions that you have to ask yourself include:

  • Who are the main competitors of a company?
  • What actions are they taking to increase their market share?
  • What external obstacles does the business face?
  • Are there troubling changes in the external environment of the business?
  • Are there possible changes in laws and regulations that can adversely affect the operations of the business?
  • Are governments introducing protective policies?

You have to consider all the external factors that can adversely affect the operations and business continuity.

Assignment on SWOT analysis for Students

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Samsung SWOT Analysis Assignment


  • Strong brand recognition
  • Largest ride-sharing company
  • Adaptive nature
  • Dynamic pricing strategy
  • Low fixed investment


  • Many scandals
  • Poor corporate culture
  • Reliability on workforce
  • Immense public criticism
  • Substantial losses


  •  Accountability and performance
  • Establishing logistics division
  • Starting courier services
  • Investing in driverless technology


  • Increasing competition in the market
  • Customer retention
  • Employee retention
  • Lawsuits











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