Pay Someone to Do My Online Course in United States

pay someone to take my online course for me united states

Get professional help with your online course by using our affordable academic assistance services. We’re one of the leading freelance platforms that offer writing services for students at different academic levels.

Pleased to inform you that we’re currently offering a generous discount of 20% for new customers, which makes our service even more affordable.

Online courses can be hard. While you have the comfort to do the course at home, you might not have the time to do the associated assignments. For instance, most courses involve intensive learning materials that you have to read and numerous lectures.

This makes things difficult especially if you’re in formal employment and have little spare time to do the reading and listen to the lectures.

Besides, you might already be knowing the practical aspects of the particular field you’re in and just need certification to act as your proof of competency.

So if this is you, then you can use our online course taking service, which is relatively affordable, convenient, and tailored for USA students.

We are here 24/ hours a day to take your online course for you!

Reliable Online Course Help

Passing Guaranteed. 100% Confidentiality. Pay on Completion!

We’re a Reliable Course Completion Provider

At Freelance Essays, we have been helping students in completing their online classes for more than 5 years. Our success rate is very high. We have a team of freelance academic writers that specialize in different fields of study. You can hire us knowing that you will get quality work.

These writing professionals have the relevant qualifications to do your online course. We match your requirements with the most qualified writer to ensure that you get the highest possible marks to pass the course.

Besides, to prove our reliability, you’re only required to pay after we complete each module. So you don’t have to pay anything upfront. You only pay for results. How cool is that?
We are always honest right from the word go. If we feel that we cannot take your class or course for you, we inform you so as not to waste your time.

What Makes Our Service the Best for Individuals seeking course completion services in USA?

Privacy and confidentiality

Privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance for students who use online academic assistance services. We understand this. We will never share any of your personal details or information with third parties. You’re guaranteed that you’re educational institution will never know that you paid someone to take your online course for you. We use VPN and remote desktop applications to remain anonymous.

No Upfront payments

With our service, you don’t pay anything to get us started. You will only be required to pay after we complete each module or unit. That means that you only pay for results. Besides, you’re not tied to any contracts. You can stop using our services at any time and you only pay for the work that you have done. Thus, our online course completion service is risk free, which makes it ideal for your needs.

Different online course platforms

We know how to navigate different online course platforms since educational institutions use different ones. You only share the login details and we get everything else done for you. We know the requirements of different institutions, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re working with experts.

Qualified Writers

Additionally, our team consists of professional writers who are qualified in your field of study. These experts have extensive experience in writing different types of academic papers, thus you can rest assured that you will pass each module. Besides, they understand how to use American English, meaning that your instructors cannot detect that someone else has complete your assignments for you.


Depending on your needs, each unit is completed on time. For instance, if you need a module completed weekly, biweekly, or monthly, we can do it. From our experience, different courses have different completion timelines and students have different preferences due to aspects such as financial constraints. So we ensure that we work with your timelines, making our service very flexible.

How Our Service Works

The process of getting help with your online course is relatively simple. Here are the few steps to get professional help.

Share Course Details

Use the contact form at the top of this page (or live chat) to share details regarding your course, including the time you want it completed. You may can provide a sample assessment if you’re uncomfortable sharing the login details before we get started.

Get a Price

Once you share the details of your course or class and details such as completion timelines, we give you a quotation. We take into account factors such as the complexity of the course, number of assessments, and amount of work required to do these assessments. If you’re okay with the quotation, then we get started immediately.

We Get Started

If you’re satisfied with the pricing for the course, you share the login details to the course (or learning materials and assessments) to get started. It entirely depends on your preferences. While starting, we agree the dates you will get the work completed.

Get Your Approval and Submit

After we’re done doing the work, we send to you the draft for your review since we do not upload anything with your approval. You can also do the uploading yourself if you did not share the login details.

Pay After Passing the Module

Once the assessment is submitted, for marking, we get started with the next module with the next module as we await feedback from your instructor. If the assessment is marked satisfactory, we send to you a payment link, and if it is not, we redo the work until you pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I pay to get someone to do my online course?

Pricing largely depends on course complexity and the amount of work that we’re supposed to do. Nonetheless, pricing starts from as little as $150 depending on the previously mentioned factors. Besides, we have numerous discounts for new and existing customers, so you’ll probably pay less.

Are there courses that you don’t take?
No, we have no limits. However, if we feel that we will be unable to do the course for you, we will let you know in advance.

Which payment methods do you accept?
You can pay for our services using Paypal, credit cards, wise, pioneer, or world remit. If you want to pay using a different method, you just inform us and we make the relevant arrangements.

When will you complete the course for me?
It depends with your requirements or preferences. In most cases, we’re able to take a module weekly, but it makes more sense to do one biweekly so as not to raise any suspicion. Nonetheless, our service is very convenient, you just need to specify when you need the course done with, and we will plan accordingly.

Who does the assessments form me?
We have writers in different fields of study, so you’re guaranteed that your work will be done by an expert who has good grasp of American English. We do not use AI writers or any shortcuts to get your work done.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for someone to take your course for you in the US, then you can hire us. You’re guaranteed of getting a pleasant experience and most importantly, passing your course to increase your career prospects.

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