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A nursing case study is a nursing assignment that requires students to analyze cases and provide nursing care for the patients. A nursing student is assigned various cases such as maternal, child, geriatric or neonatal during their studies.

Nursing case studies help students understand the different nursing conditions and analyze their problems to offer correct solutions for care. Nursing case studies are usually considered complex and difficult for, especially undergraduate students who are unfamiliar with care concepts. It is a practical based assignment that requires theoretical nursing knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are case studies in nursing?

Case studies help students to apply nursing concepts learned from theory in nursing practice. They are considered “real life” nursing situations that demonstrate the applied skills and provide contexts for understanding nursing processes. Case studies are typically used in nursing to evaluate and assess nursing care.

How do you write a nursing case study?

There’s no complete agreement on how nursing case studies should be written, but there are generally accepted guidelines.


o Who is the patient?

o How did they get sick? When? Where?

o What nursing services were provided to the patient? What nursing assessments were done?


o Recording of vitals signs: measurements, findings, and interpretation.

The nursing process is divided into five steps which focus on nursing assessment for each nursing event. A nursing process is a nursing approach that helps nursing students care for their patients/clients to meet their nursing needs or goals.


o Nursing assessment is the systematic collection of data and information about a patient’s progress toward achieving nursing diagnosis and outcomes based on an assessment of nursing problems.

o Record nursing assessments: patient’s condition, nursing diagnosis, plan for nursing care according to nursing diagnoses, and progress towards goals or outcomes.


o A nursing diagnosis is a statement that identifies a nursing problem and nursing goals and outcomes that need to be accomplished to correct or ameliorate the problem.

o Evaluate nursing care plan for each nursing diagnosis using nursing process, outcome evaluation criteria, formal and informal data collection methods, and nursing management plans.


o Evaluate nursing care according to the nursing event, nursing criteria for evaluating nursing care, and outcome data collection methods.


o Take further action based on the results of the nursing intervention.

Why are case studies important in nursing?

They help nursing students to develop nursing practice skills in a real-life nursing situation.

How do you write an essay on nursing case studies?

You need to include an introduction (summary of information about the patient), physical exam results, nursing assessment, nursing diagnosis, nursing interventions/care plan, and evaluation of nursing care. You

Who will write my case study?

We assign a nursing expert to your nursing case study. Our nursing experts have more than five years of experience in nursing and nursing writing, and they are well-educated individuals with Masters or Ph.D. degrees.

Can you write my case study fast?

Yes. We can work on short deadlines. Whether you need your paper in one, two, or three days from now – we can help you. We have been in business for years and know the kinds of challenges our clients face regarding nursing case studies. We have also developed systems in place to assure timely delivery even under the tightest deadlines.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Every nursing paper we deliver comes with a guarantee for unlimited revisions and a plagiarism report. Take it from us, the nursing case study assignment help you receive will be of the best quality. We also offer a full refund if your paper is late or if you’re not satisfied with it.

How do I pay?

You can for our services using both PayPal and credit cards. We can also accept other payment arrangements, and you have to contact our support team and make your request.

How do I receive my nursing case study?

You can download our nursing case studies from the website or have them sent to you via email as attachments. We will send it to the email address you provide us with when placing an order. The same contact details will be used to keep in touch if there are additional requirements.

How much will nursing case study assignment help cost?

The price can vary greatly depending on the complexity of your task. However, you should consider that nursing is a broad field of knowledge, and nursing courses are typically very demanding. Nonetheless, our pricing is reasonable.

Sample Nursing Case Study Assignment

Assessment Task 2B – Mini Case study

Holistic Assessment of the Patient

Lifestyle factors

The patient has various lifestyle factors that inhibit her participation in healthcare. Some of the most notable include her work schedule since she has two jobs, financial stress, whereby she has to save to assist her siblings, which makes some healthcare services unaffordable to her. She also works for long hours, which stresses her, and she barely has enough time to access or participate in healthcare. Her limited education is also a contributing factor to her inability to access or participate in healthcare. Besides, she does not have a GP and never attends health screening. Thus, collectively, these lifestyle factors may have contributed to her physical and mental health problems.

Psychosocial factors

Psychosocial factors can also have a significant impact on the physical health of a patient. For Nur Akter, the psychosocial factors that are preventing her from participating in healthcare include stress, hopelessness, social status, work environment, social support, marital status, social disruption, and social integration. For instance, she has not seen her child since entering the refugee camp, her parents died, and she does not have any relatives in Australia. Besides, she has limited English reading skills, which may be affecting her ability to interact with others. Thus, collectively, these factors may be affecting both her psychological and physical health, while also preventing her from participating in healthcare.

Patterns of healthcare use

An analysis of the case also reveals various patterns of healthcare use. These include minimal healthcare participation, including due to the fear of people in authority due to her experiences in Myanmar. Additionally, she does not have a healthcare card. Her limited financial capabilities also limit her access and participation in healthcare. Besides, she does not have a GP and fails to attend scheduled appointments, perhaps because of time or financial constraints. Living in the outskirts of a metropolitan area, where public transport is limited, makes it difficult for her to access and participate in healthcare. She walks a long distance to access the bus stop. Poor English reading skills is also another factor.

Implementation and Evaluation

                Effective discharge planning is essential for enhanced continuity of care and reduction of patient readmission (Marmot, 2017). In the current case, there is a need for proper discharge planning to ensure there is continuation of care for the patient, who is in need of not only medical, but also rehabilitation and social care. Furthermore, it is imperative to incorporate the social justice framework while planning to discharge the patient. The framework is founded on four principles. One of these is equity, which involves the fair distribution of the existing resources in the society. The other component is access, which involves ensuring that all people in a given society have equal access to can access to goods and services, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, race, religion, or gender. The third element is participation, which entails to enabling people to partake in the making of decisions that affect their lives. The fourth element in the framework is rights, which is associated with the protection of individual liberties including access to information regarding decisions that affect their lives and appealing of decisions that they feel are unfair (Marmot, 2017).

                The implementation of the discharge, based on the social justice framework, should have various components. One of these is the assessment of the social, psychological, physiological, and cultural needs of the patient. The second aspect should include the development of the care plan, which should incorporate the identification of discharge strategies suitable for the patient, care giver, as well as community provider (Dimla et al., 2020). Furthermore, the third component in the plan would include implementing of the plan, which should include the delivery of information to the concerned stakeholders and providing the necessary education. The final aspect of the plan should be the coordination of the services offered by the various agencies to ensure that the patient gets social justice during and after justice (Dimla et al., 2020). These steps are essential for the continuity of care for the patient. Besides, with the plan, the relevant stakeholders will be involved to ensure the patient gets the social support and services that she needs.


Dimla, B., Wood, D., & Parkinson, L. (2020). A Qualitative Study on How Social Workers From Regional and Metropolitan Queensland, Australia Perceive the Impact of the National Prioritisation System on Hospital Discharge Planning: A Study Protocol. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 19, 160940692097354.

Marmot, M. (2017). Social justice, epidemiology and health inequalities. European Journal of Epidemiology, 32(7), 537–546.













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