How Much Should I Pay Someone to Take My Online Class

There are a lot of factors to consider when you want to hire someone for an online class. To help you figure out how much you should pay, we have put together this list of factors that will help determine the cost for your service. These include: what type of course do they need, how many hours per week does it take, and how long is the course? Read on below to find out more!

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Factors that Determine The Cost of Professional Help with Your Class

-What subject are you taking? Courses that are more intensive in content and require more hours of instruction will cost you much more. Technical subjects such as programming and science are going to be more expensive than a course in psychology. Statistics is also likely to be more expensive compared to a subject such as business studies. If you want someone to take your professional course for you,  you will pay more. 

– What type of course do they need? If the person you hired is an expert in your field, and will be teaching for a few hours per week, then it’s likely that their salary should match what you would pay someone to teach on campus. However, if they are just helping students with assignments or doing one-on-one coaching, their charges would be less than that.

– How many hours per week does it take? The more intensive the course, the higher your fee should be. For example, if you need to hire a person for 12 weeks with two hours of work each day (24/week), then they should expect to get paid at least $1000. However, if they will be taking your course for only one hour per week, then you could expect to pay them as little as $200.

– What kind of course is it? If the person will be teaching a special program that requires expensive equipment or software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., they might charge more than someone who teaches an online English class where all the content is found online and all you need is a computer and internet connection.

– What are their qualifications? If they’re not certified to teach the subject matter, then it’s unlikely that you will be satisfied with their work. The more qualified they are, the more expensive they are likely to charge for their services.

– What is their availability? If they are not available to work with you on weekends, evenings or some other time of day that best fits your schedule, then it’s going to result in a higher price. You compensate them more for inconveniencing them.

-What country do they live in? Online teaching jobs are global and the cost of living varies by country. For instance, an online teacher from the Australia might charge $20 an hour, but one living in India with lower costs of living will likely only charge around $7 per hour. Thus, to complete an online course for Australian students, the price is around AUD 280 per module. 

– What is their experience? If they have a lot of college or professional teaching experience, then it’s likely that you will be paying more for them to work with you than if they do not. Keep in mind how much education has lined up behind this person.

-What grades do they promise? Do they promise an A or a B? You are more likely to pay someone to take your online class more if they promise a higher grade. If no such promises and guarantees are provided, then you should pay lower.

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How Much Does It Cost For Someone to Take My Online Class

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How Much Should I Pay Someone to Take My Online Class Reddit

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