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Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 3

Company Description. 3

Mission. 4

Keys to Success. 4

Service Description. 5

Market Analysis. 6

The Competition. 7

Position in the Industry. 7

Strategy and Implementation. 7

Market Trends. 7

Market Segmentation. 8

Marketing Mix. 8

Marketing Strategy. 10

Management Team.. 11

The president 11

Chief Operating Officer 12

Marketing Manager 12

Finance/Accounts Manager 12

Advisory Board. 13

Outsourced Services. 13

Financial Plan. 13

Conclusion. 14

 Primal Point Health LLC

Executive Summary

Primal Pointe Health LLC is a behavioral health care practice that offers mental health, substance abuse, and integrated medical wellness services to the communities of Baltimore with aim of reaching other neighboring counties. Our focus is to provide cost effective care and quality treatment. Our mission is to serve and promote exemplary customer relationships with all clients, payers, staff, and the communities. The market for behavioral health services is large and needed in the population across the lifespan. Mental health continues to face environmental challenges and there is an increased risk seen with the recent pandemic which does not limit to target those with prior diagnosed cases but also those newly cases facing the aftermath of the pandemic. Hence, the targeted population needs, and healing will be met and provided without discrimination of ethnicity, disability , age, gender, color, or religion.

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Company Description

Primal Pointe Health is a new behavioral health company integrated with medical and wellness services. It was founded with an initial name of Primal Health Clinic LLC, DBA Primal Point Behavioral Health services which converted to an S corporation under Primal Point Inc. The focus of Primal Point Inc. is to further company services after launching aiming for developmental disability administration DDA services. Currently the company operates as multi clinic with contracted patients from an assisted living (Taylor Manor Farm) and contracted to provide services to an Adult day care center with 45 inactive cases that will receive services on a needed basis. The Day care center is located in an excellent location on 5610 Harford road with easy accessibility to public transportation. The effort to transfer of patients as an outpatient mental health addiction center will be established once another medical office space is accessible to ensure growth while providing existing patients uninterrupted and continued quality services.


            To promote mental and overall well-being of the people, families, and communities residing in Baltimore, Maryland, through the provision of high quality and accessible mental health and substance addiction or abuse care for children, adults, and their families.  Primal Point Health’s mission is to utilize a service system that emphasized on compassion, respect, trust, and confidentiality. We are committed to providing quality mental health care services using a collaborative approach with our customers. Our organization’s philosophy, which informs our practices, is that we exist for our clients.

Keys to Success

  1. Credentialing clinicians in a timely manner
  2. Obtaining initial working capital
  3. Establishing an office building with ample rooms for  personnel and services performance
  4. Developing and implementing a successful  electronic health  record and billing system
  5. An ability to transfer existing behavioral health contracts to the outpatient mental health clinic.
  6. Obtaining a Medicaid provider number and formulate plan to function during the initiation phase.
  7. Obtain Medicare number.
  8. To ensure there is affiliation with the laboratory services.
  9. Success in offering behavioral home health services that address social, behavioral, and physical needs of the disabled individuals in the community.

Service Description

            Prime Point Health focuses on four closely related service areas and involves the consumer’s primary care physician whenever there is a need. Our philosophy of treatment emphasizes on the need for the totality of individuals in their life situations. This involves the interconnection of various disciplines, ranging from spiritual to biomedical, as well as the external relations of our clients with their family and the social groups. The four primary care areas include:

Psychotherapy: Mental health and substance abuse or addiction, and mental wellness services offered to individuals and families. Certified nurse specialists, license social workers, and licensed mental health counselors provide the psychotherapy services. Our clients get individualized treatment plans that are based on the biopsychosocial assessment. The average number of sessions offered currently is eight per year.

Substance Abuse/Addiction: Provision of direct evaluation, treatment, and recovery services for individuals suffering from substance related disorders. Certified alcohol and addiction counselors provide the service through individual or group structures. We tailor treatment plans after a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment of an individual and his or her family.

Contracted Mental Health Services: A range of mental health services that we provide at other facilities and are billed to the company at contacted rates. Some of these services include medication management, consultation, psychotherapy, and addiction services.

Psychopharmacology: Licensed and board certified psychiatrists and certified nurse specialists provide this service to persons who might not be in therapy, but need medications to stabilize their conditions or to facilitate their return to previous functioning.

            For the center to remain competitive and sustain its growth, it will continuously strengthen its relations with its customers, while at the same time scanning the environment to identify their emerging needs. It will closely monitor industry trends to identify elements that may affect its delivery system, or gaps in services. Thus, Primal Point Health may offer additional services related to mental health in the future to solve some of the problems that our clients will be facing.

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Market Analysis

            The demand for mental health services from mental health centers has been declining especially due to the increased use of preferred provider organizations and health maintenance organizations. However, it is important to note that there has been an overall increase in the demand for mental health services globally. Increasing awareness regarding the condition and the availability of treatment options will increase the demand for these services. Similarly, the number of organizations that provide mental health services is on the rise, thus the sector is becoming more competitive. As such, elements such as differentiation, customer service, and pricing have become critical factors.

The Competition

            Additionally, Baltimore has multiple behavioral health centers, which implies that the landscape is competitive. Some of the most notable include Baltimore Behavioral Health, Behavioral Health Clinic, Harford Belair Community Mental Health Center, Walter P. Carter Center, Apex Counselling Center, and Centers for Behavioral Health, LLC, Behavioral Health System Baltimore, and Baltimore Counseling Center. At the same time, the city has a population of 609,032 people, which means that there is a sufficient customer base. Thus, to gain market share in the city, it is imperative to provide accessible, high quality, and optimal services.

Position in the Industry

The target geographic region has a high population, which is comprised of people in different age groups. Furthermore, a large percentage of individuals residing in the city and families have disposable incomes that are in line with the national average, which implies that they can be able to afford the services that Primal Point Health offers. Additionally, the area has multiple payors and other MCOs, which presents a large potential for growth. These include     Self-pay, agencies, PPOs, and indemnity program. Currently, Primal Point Health enjoys a considerably small share of the market. However, with the relevant resources, the organization has many opportunities that it can exploit to gain a significant market share.

Strategy and Implementation

Market Trends

An assessment of the behavioral health sector shows that there has been an increasing demand and uptake of behavioral health care services. This has been driven by the increasing mental health and substance abuse/addiction cases. At the same time, awareness regarding the availability of interventions has also increased during the last ten years, which has contributed to the increasing uptake of these services. Furthermore, the industry is responding in various ways, among the most notable being the provision of multidisciplinary teams to address patients’ mental health problems in totality. Besides, industry players are focusing on the profession of high quality and effective services. Thus, to succeed in the sector, it is instrumental for Primal Point Health to provide behavioral health services that are in line with the industry trends.

Market Segmentation

Baltimore is the primary geographic target market for the company. Moreover, the target demographics include children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. This is because is people in all age groups are susceptible to mental health and substance abuse or addiction problems. Thus, the organization will cater for the needs of people in different age groups in the city. At the same time, it is important to note that the center may offer different programs for people in different age groups when group therapy is involved. Furthermore, Primal Point Health will also target families in need of counseling services. Additionally, the center also targets individuals seeking for psychotherapy, pharmacology, treatment for substance abuse/addiction, and contracted mental health services. The services will have different modalities of treatments that include families, couples, groups, and individuals. At the same time, it is imperative to note that some of the customers will only be needing a single service, while others will be in need of multiple services simultaneously.

Marketing Mix

Product: The primary product that the facility will offer will be mental health and substance abuse/addiction treatment services. Multiple services fall under these core services. These include counselling, stress management, treatment for depression, post-traumatic stress disorder management, marriage counselling, and substance abuse and addiction treatment.

Pricing: Primal Point Health believes that behavioral health services should be accessible by all people. Thus, we price our services competitively and fairly to ensure they are affordable even to self-payors. To ensure that our prices are competitive, we frequently analyze the prices of the services that the competing firms in the city offer, which enables us to price our services fairly. Besides, it will ensure that the pricing of our services is market driven. As such, will it involve surveying existing payors and MCOs to understand their set budgets. Moreover, to be profitable with the market driven pricing, it will be instrumental to monitor and control costs. 

Place: Primal Point Health ensures that its services are highly accessible by providing its services in multiple clinics. Such ensures that our customers access our services without travelling for long distances. Additionally, the center also offers contracted services, which involves offering mental health services in other locations, such as where the customer is located.

Promotion: The center employs various promotion strategies and is considering adding others to create more awareness about its services. Some of the techniques used currently include advertisements on local newspapers, branded materials such as pens, calendars, t-shirts, and caps. It is imperative for the agency to incorporate broadcast and social media marketing to reach more consumers in Baltimore. Additional marketing activities will include:

  • Participating in activities associated with the conditions treated at the center, including Depression Screening Day.
  • Development of business cards and brochures for promoting the center
  • Using follow-up letters with the sources of referrals
  • Providing informational workshops that are open to the public
  • Networking with state agencies, community agencies, and health care providers
  • Media advertisements
  • Joining professional organizations and business groups to create more public awareness
  • Networking with media outlets who can report about the center, thus creating the needed awareness

Marketing Strategy

To achieve growth in the behavioral health services sector, it will be instrumental to target our marketing activities strategically. The strategies that the agency will employ include:

  • Emphasizing on quality services that are customer driven
  • Identifying and building a niche market
  • Establishing a business that is based on relationships
  • Focus on the various behavioral health payers

Some of the marketing tools that the center will be using include print and broadcast advertising, direct mail, relationship building with managed care organizations, and public speaking. Additionally, the sales strategy will target the various referral sources and potential purchasers including:

  • Clients/Consumers
  • Medical groups
  • Managed care companies
  • Community agencies
  • Preferred provider organizations

SWOT Analysis

Strengths: Strategic location in Baltimore, respect from the community, affiliations to various organizations, certified, and competent staff, positive reputation in the eyes of the public, brand awareness, and availability of contracting services, increasing flexibility.

Weaknesses: Insufficient resources, for expansion, staff turnover, lack of expertise in areas such as marketing and advertising, lack of a proper management team.

Opportunities: Offering additional service, targeting services to specific areas, incorporating additional sales and marketing methods, obtaining additional funding for growth and expansion initiatives, expanding to other geographical locations, participating in social responsibility activities to create more awareness regarding the brand.

Threats: Increasing competition, shortage of certified and licensed staff, changes in regulatory and legal requirements, making losses because of pricing services in response with the pricing in the market, threat of competitors becoming more aggressive in terms of pricing and marketing activities, and activities that can destroy the reputation of the center.

 The Management and Leadership Team

Management Team

The president

The president is responsible for the overall operations of the behavioral health center. The president will provide the overall direction for the operations of the business and will be the final person to be consulted regarding all the key decisions made by the managers. The president will also work as the point of contact with the investors and will ensure that their interests are well represented in the organization. The president will also have the overall responsibility of ensuring that Primal Point Health is financially sound and it achieves its set objectives. Furthermore, it will be important for him to have extensive experience in project management, budgeting, and executive management especially in the field of health services He also needs to have a proven record of accomplishment in leadership in the healthcare sector.

Chief Operating Officer

The chief operating officer will be responsible for the daily operations of the behavioral health center, including overseeing the operations of the other managers and other key persons. He will report to the president of the company directly. The COO will offer direction to all the staff. The COO will be a holder of an advanced degree in the medical field, and must have the relevant experience in behavioral health services.

Marketing Manager

The marketing manager will be responsible for all the marketing, advertising, and promotional activities of the company. She or he will be responsible for develop the company’s marketing strategy, which will be in line with the corporate objectives. The manager must have extensive experience in marketing, and must have the relevant experience in marketing especially in the healthcare sector. .

Finance/Accounts Manager

The manager will be in charge of the financial aspects of the health center, including bookkeeping activities, payroll, petty cash management, and billing. In addition, he or she will be responsible for management and cost accounting to ensure that the operations of the center align with its objectives and philosophy. The manger will also offer counsel to the president and the senior management to ensure that they comply with the relevant accounting standards and laws. It is imperative for the holder of the position to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and be a certified accountant. The relevant experience in accounting/finance in the health care sector will be integral.

Advisory Board

            An advisory board comprised of experienced professionals from different fields will be established. These members will have experience in different areas including marketing in the healthcare industry, industry, accounting, mental health services, legal, and human resource management. The board will offer advisory services to the president and the other managers. Additionally, the board will hold monthly meetings or when called upon, and their fees will be based on the number of meetings that they hold within a given month.

Outsourced Services

            The company will initially outsource some professional services including legal ones, billing, and IT related tasks. Additionally, for IT services, it will not be possible to establish an IT department. We will outsource IT related services to a local company. The role of the company will include the installation of all the accounting software, electronic health records system, networking, and installation of other IT related infrastructure. Besides, the local firm will also be responsible for maintenance of the computers and other devices with the company, and their charges will be based on the services that they provide and the prevailing market prices.

Financial Plan

            The organization expects to raise $1,000,000 from various sources, which will go towards its expansion. The amount is the initial capital required. Raising the capital will enhance the centers financial goals exponentially and will enable it to start generating considerable revenues. The needed capital will go towards the renovation of the clinics, marketing and advertising, procurement of IT related products and services, recruitment of the additional personnel, and outsourcing of some of the services.

            Estimates indicate that the Primal Point Health will break even by the seventh year of operation. Furthermore, it is expected the center’s customer will continue expanding. As such, the center’s revenues will continue increasing, and the fixed operating costs will start declining, which presents a unique opportunity for the center. Additionally, with planned marketing and advertisement services, it is possible that the center will experience more rapid growth, which will enable it to break even sooner.


            Therefore, Primal Point Health has a unique opportunity for expanding its services in Baltimore if it raises the needed capital. The company specialized in the provision of behavioral health services, which include mental health and substance and drugs abuse and addiction services. An analysis of the sector shows that the demand for behavioral health services is on the rise. Currently, the center has a strategic position in the Baltimore market, despite the excessive competition. Moreover, the center will target individual consumers, MCOs, and other payors within the region. The center also plans to employ a superior marketing strategy that includes a strategic marketing mix. Additionally, some of the key management roles in the agency will include the president, marketing manager, and chief operations officer. The center will also recruit an advisory board and outsource some professional services to save on costs. An analysis of the financial forecasts shows that the company will break even by the seventh month, although there is a potential for breaking even earlier. 

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