How to Format a Nursing Essay

The content of your nursing essay is as important as how you present it. You may have the best arguments, your punctuation and grammar may be correct, but if the formatting of your paper is not right, you cannot get high scores.

Many students underestimate the importance of a properly formatted paper. In essence, formatting is one of the main things your professor checks before reading the content of your essay. Therefore, you have to get it right.We also have a guide on how to write nursing essays, which you can check out for additional insights.

Below are some tips on how to format a nursing essay.

Read the Instructions

Before anything, read the instructions and requirements of your paper. This is perhaps one of the most important steps. Understand how your professor needs the paper formatted.

In some instances, they may provide an outline, which you need to follow to the later.

If not provided, check the marking rubric, where you can get insights on how the formatting of your nursing essay should be.

If no clues are provided, use the conventional formatting style used with academic papers.

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The first paragraph of your paper should be the introduction. In this paragraph, you offer an overview of the topic. You need to make the introductory paragraph interesting or insightful. In essence, the introductory paragraph should capture the attention of the reader.

The last sentence of your introduction should contain a thesis statement. This offers the readers ideas on the direction that you are taking in your paper, including the ideas that will be included. Ensure the thesis statement is clear so that the reader does not have to struggle to understand the direction your nursing essay will take.

The thesis statement guides the rest of your paper.

Nursing essays need a clear thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs

Most of the content of your nursing essay or paper goes into the body paragraphs. This is where you present your arguments, ideas, or claims, and provide supporting evidence.

When writing the body paragraphs, you need to follow certain guidelines.

  • Ensure each paragraph has a single idea – Never include multiple ideas in one paragraph. Each idea or argument should have its unique paragraph. Else, you risk mixing up the ideas, and consequently your reader.
  • Start each paragraph with a topic sentence – Each paragraph in your nursing essay needs to start with a topic sentence, it tells the readers the main argument or idea that will be presented in the particular paragraph.
  • Use transitions – Ensure that your paper flows logically. You can achieve this by using transitions, which includes words such as furthermore, moreover, nevertheless, and additionally. Using transitions assists in making your paper flow in a logically manner. The readers can establish the connection between one paragraph and the other.
  • Conclude each sentence with a summary of what is discussed in the paragraph. As an example, you can use words such as therefore, thus, and hence to summarize the key points in the paragraph and to present you final thought.
  • Use in-text citations – Since you present your arguments and support them in the body paragraphs, ensure that you use in-text citations, using the relevant academic writing style.


The concluding paragraph is also a crucial component of a properly formatting nursing essay. Here, you start by reinstating the thesis statement. This is followed by a summary of the main arguments and points presented in your paper.

In the conclusion, you should not introduce new ideas. Rather, you provide a summary of the ones that you make in your nursing essay.

You should not use examples in the concluding paragraph as well.

At the end of the paragraph, you provide a final thought regarding what you have written in your essay. This can include your support for certain nursing practices, or doubts regarding the effectiveness of a particular nursing intervention.

References / Bibliography

Your nursing paper cannot be conclude if you don’t include the references or bibliography page. This is where you list the sources from which you got the ideas to support the claims and arguments presented in your essay.

The page is the last component of your paper, unless an appendix is required.

While writing this page, you need to follow the relevant academic style. For instance, the way you format a source using APA is different from the way you format using Chicago style.

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In conclusion, the format of your nursing essay is as important as its content. You need to follow certain principles. The basic one is reading and understanding the instructions, which can inform you regarding the structure that you should follow. However, if the format is not included in the instructions, follow the conventional academic writing structure, which includes an introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion, and a bibliography/references page. Adhering to the structure will make your paper appear professional, thus increasing your chances of getting a high score.











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