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How to Write a Business Essay

Writing a Business Essay

For students studying business-related essays, it is a normal requirement to write a business essay. Most essays in the subject focus on different aspects of business management. Topics for business essays can include corporate social responsibility, ethics, management of resources, managing information and technology, social entrepreneurship, or even accounting and finance. The aim of these essays is to test your understanding of the key concepts learned. You need to demonstrate to your professor that you understand the fundamental concepts you understand the fundamental concepts learned in class. Important steps in writing a business research paper or essay include:

Understanding the Essays Prompt

The first step when writing a business research paper or essay is ensuring that you understand the prompt. As much as you may write a well-thought out and articulated essay, you will score a poor grade because you don’t answer the essay instructions or prompt. To have a clear understanding of the prompt or question, you have to understand two things:

  1. What the prompt asks you directly – With this, you need to understand aspects such as the topic area, the research that you need to conduct, the citation style that you need to use, and the required number of pages.
  2. What the prompt or instructions ask of you indirectly – You need to understand whether the prompt seeks for your opinions, facts, or the opinions scholars. You also need to understand whether you can relate to the instructions or prompt the concepts that you have learned in class.

Understanding and contextualizing the instructions or the prompt is the foundation of a writing a high quality business essay.

Thesis Statement

Now that you fully understand what is expected of you, you need to formulate a thesis statement, which acts as a guide for the rest of your essay or research paper. With the statement, you indicate what you want to argue out in the rest of your paper. The thesis statement also informs you professor what you will be discussing and what your stand will be. You must write a clear and concise thesis statement, while at the same time integrating the points that you will be arguing out in the paper. When developing your paper, it is important to keep consulting the thesis statement so that you don’t digress from your points.

Create an Outline for Your Paper

Writing an outline is important since it guides what you write about in your paper. It states that points that you want to write about, thus it helps in ensuring that you remain on track when writing your essay. Besides, when you use professionals such as our business essay writers, you can provide them with an outline to ensure that they write exactly what you want written in your paper.

Business Essay Introduction

Just like all other types of academic essays, you need to start your paper with an introduction. Remember, while the thesis statement appears at the top of these steps, it should be written at the end of the introduction part. The introduction is one of the most difficult elements to write; hence, it is advisable to write it after completing your paper. Having developed the rest of your paper, you will have ideas on what to state in your introduction.

Body Paragraphs

The next phase is developing the body paragraphs. For each of these body paragraphs, you need to start with a to begin with a topic sentence, which informs the readers about the idea you will be discussing in the paragraph. The topic sentence should be followed by evidence to support the claims that you make. You need to incorporate contextual information or quotes in the body paragraphs of an essay.

Always Use Credible and Verifiable Academic Sources

I can’t emphasize enough about the need for you to use credible academic sources to back the claims that you make in your paper. Contextual arguments and quotes are critical elements to support your arguments. However, you need to ensure that you get them from credible, timely, and accurate sources. The best sources for academic work include textbooks, peer-reviewed articles, journals, noteworthy news websites, and noteworthy government sites. On the other hand, unacceptable sources in the context of academic writing include encyclopedias, commercial websites, forum submissions, and online magazines.

Don’t fake

Never fake that you understand a subject. Remember your professor is smart. They can spot it when you are not conversant with a given topic and you’re only rambling to reach the word count. You also need to avoid fluff in your paper. Each word that you use should count. Every sentence should be concise and should add some substance to your work, not just increasing the length of your paper. In fact, most professors would rather get a paper that does not meet the word count, rather than one that does but is full of fluff.

Business Essay Conclusion

The conclusion is one of the most important, yet underrated parts of a business essay. A professional business essay writer includes a conclusion in every paper. When writing it, you need to start with restating your paper’s thesis statement, whereby you tie the points that you discuss in your essay together. Also, highlight the main points argued in your essay in the conclusion and ensure that you make a conclusion regarding your stand. The introduction and the conclusion should be the shortest paragraphs in your paper, so a concluding paragraph of around five lines should be good enough.

Proofread Your Paper and Check For Plagiarism

Extensive proofreading is one of the most important elements of a good business essay. When writing the paper, it is highly likely that you made some errors and you need to correct them when proofreading. In fact, some professors will only read the first few paragraphs of your business paper if it is riddled with spelling, style, and grammatical errors.

Some tips for proofreading your paper.

  • If you are using Microsoft office word, go to file, options, proofing. Ensure that you select grammar and style. Also, you need to check the buttons under the spelling and grammar part. This will be instrumental in assisting you identify errors in your paper.
  • Remove all conjunctions – such as don’t, shouldn’t, and aren’t, which make your business writing more formal and in line with academic writing standards.
  • Read out your paper loud – This can help you in identifying some grammatical mistakes.
  • Have close friends or professionals proofread your paper – Using a second set of eyes can assist in catching even the most unnoticeable errors in your paper. If you can, use the services of a professional business essay writer in proofing your paper.
  • Print your paper and read it – Yes, you probably will be able to identify more errors when reading a printed copy of your essay, rather than when reading it from a computer.