Bus 360 - Global Business Strategies

Assignment 1 – Globalization and Culture
UNESCO Global Policy Forum on Globalization and Culture


Value:   4% of your final grade

Due:      Week 3 to D2L dropbox by start of class (see course schedule)



This assignment provides an opportunity to learn more about globalization and culture.


  1. Report (individual): Two-page single spaced research report with citations and references.
  2. Networking (group):10 – 15 minutes in class
  3. Forum Discussion(group): 10 – 15 minutes and debrief in class


As shown above, this assignment includes an individual and a group component. Here’s what’s involved…

Each person will play the role of a member from a country from the area of the world for which you’ve signed up.  Sign-up sheet is on page 3. You will represent that country and reflect the country’s values, manners, customs, religion, education, personal communication style and anything else, which signifies culture.Take a look at these two websites for cultural information and country insights:

  1. http://www.intercultures.ca/cil-cai/countryinsights-apercuspays-eng.asp Select a country for details.
  2. http://globaledge.msu.edu/global-insightsSearch this site by using terms business etiquette and also business etiquette around the world.

 Report (Individual preparation before class).  Write a two-page single spaced research report with citations and references.  Answer the questions shown below. Include a minimum of 3 – 5 references.  Wiki is not included in the 3- 5 references.Submit your report to the D2L dropbox on week 3 by the start of class.


  1. Go to UNDP and find your country’s ranking on the UNDP INDEX scale. http://hdr.undp.org/en/countries
  2. Take a look at the following link on Uganda National Cultural Policy, and notice what Uganda is doing to preserve culture. 


  1. For your country, identify a response to each of the following questions
    • Identify 3 – 5 consequences of globalization on culture and values for your country.
    • Identify 3 – 5 benefits of globalization on culture and values for your country.
  • What are five policies proposed by your country that would preserve culture and values in relation to development? Examples could include policies on proprietary rights (copyright law), indigenous language preservation, education, museums, etc.).

Networking(In class)

Before the Forum Discussion, a 10 – 15 minute networking activity will take place where each class member will play the role of the representative of their selected country.  Each person will choose a first name, which reflects a typical first name of a person from the country. FIRST names and selected country names will be identified on a nametag which will be worn by each person.

 Forum Discussion(In class)


“The importance of culture in our lives has grown immensely during the twentieth century, as those lives themselves have changed. A large part of the change has itself been driven by the economic exploitation of culture and its products: film, radio, television and, most recently, digital.”  (UNESCO)


Globalization increases the availability of foreign made products, as well globalization exposes everyone to other cultures via the media.  The exposure to products and media brings changes to local culture and values. “…Projects should be grounded in existing situations and the concrete realities of the community concerned and that development should become synonymous with partnership.” (UNESCO)

What to Discuss:

You are a group representing selected countries, and are meeting to examine the issues of globalization, culture and development.  In these small working groups, please discuss the questions below, negotiate and agree upon recommendations, and be prepared to present to the UNESCO Director General. 


Keep in mind you are representing your country.  You have been selected to reflect on the following questions and to report to the joint UNESCO-UNDP project with recommendations to assist countries as they develop their own national policies on culture in view of foreign investment and development.  The policy for each country could be reflected in the areas of economics, education, culture, foreign affairs, industry and trade, tourism, etc.


  1. Identify the consequences of globalization on culture and values for your group of countries.
  2. Identify the benefits of globalization on culture and values for your group of countries
  3. Develop five“common” recommendations to the Director General which can be used by your countries as they develop policies to preserve culture and values as the country becomes more developed (based on the results of your discussion).**

**Examples could include policies on proprietary rights (copyright law), indigenous language preservation, education, museums, etc.).


Take a look at this link on areas where culture should be recognized in view of development.



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