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So What in the World is an Argumentative Essay

In the simplest terms, a persuasive essay is a piece of writing requiring you to take a position on a particular issue. Throughout your writing, you need to persuade readers using evidence, facts, and reasoning on why they should support your position. After establishing your position on a given controversial issue, you state your arguments. You have to use strong evidence to support the arguments that you make. Your personal opinions and feelings matter the least when arguing out your points. You also need to compare your opinion with those of other writers who have a contrary opinion, and argue why your views are the best.

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Argumentative Essay Outline and structure

Creating an outline assists in organizing your paper since it assists in checking how the ideas that you provide are interconnected. Besides, you are able to visualize your entire paper and to determine whether some of your points need more support or not.

Introduction. Your first paragraph informs the readers of your essay about the topic and provides background information to assist them in contextualizing the issue. It assists readers understand the controversial issue, including reasons why it is important. You also have to include a thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph to inform your audience the stance you will be taking in your paper.

Thesis statement. At the end of the introductory paragraph, include a thesis statement, which should be a single sentence that summarizes the main idea. It is the last statement in your introduction. You should make a claim that answers a question related to the controversial issue that you intend to write about.

Body paragraphs. The third and perhaps the most important part is the development of body paragraphs. This is where you present the explanations of why you take a certain position on the controversial issue. The content of the body paragraphs have to support the thesis statement. Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence, which summarizes the information contained in the paragraph. You have to make it clear and concise, while also showing how it related to the thesis statement. After this sentence, you should explain your points while using strong evidence to support the arguments that you make. You need to use studies, research, statistics, or even examples to support your claims.

You also need to address contrary opinions on the issue, while at the same time disproving and expressing your views on why you disagree. Ensure that you use evidence, not personal opinions, when disproving the opposing points. Always remember that in argumentative essay writing, the audience is not interested in your opinions and views. Hence, you have to use facts and evidence to add credibility to your claims, which is essential to gain the trust of the readers.

Conclusion: Your essay is incomplete if it does not have a conclusion. In this part, you don’t include new ideas. Rather, you restate your thesis statement. You should remind your readers about the most important arguments together with the strongest evidence supporting the claims. It is summary of content of the body paragraphs. Furthermore, it is also an opportunity for you to appeal to the emotions of your audience, which is why you should make it as persuasive as possible. You should convince them why your view is the right one, but without introducing new ideas.

Tips for Writing the Best Argumentative Essay

Take your stance early. You need to let your audience know what to expect from your essay. You need to create a title that captures the controversial issue and offers a clue about your position. It should be short, yet descriptive enough to let readers know your position. This lets readers know what to expect in the rest of the paper.

You need to make the introduction interesting enough to generate some interest about what you write. It includes taking your stance early enough, which makes the audience develop the interest to know why you take a particular position. Make the introduction as catchy as possible, but also ensure it is insightful. End the introduction with a thesis statement.

Citations and bibliographies. You need to support your claims and arguments with supporting evidence, which includes scholarly articles, studies, facts, or statistics. However, you need to cite the sources that you obtain the evidence from. Citations are not only important for formality, but also convincing the readers that you understand the topic that you write about. It shows that you have done proper research and fully understand the issue. Also, provide a bibliography, which is a list of the sources of evidence, at the end of your paper.

Persuasion and Reasoning. You need to use persuasive writing, through using solid arguments, to convince your readers on why your point of view is the best. You mostly need to employ logos, or appealing to your audience using logic. Similarly, you need to use clear reasoning, which includes making logical connections that demonstrate how your evidence supports your claims. For your essay to be more persuasive, ensure you use credible sources such as scholarly articles and books.

Contrary opinions. When writing, you need to mention contrary opinions by other authors. However, such does not necessarily mean discrediting them. Rather, you need to argue out why your perspective on the issue is the right one. Again, you need to use clear reasoning and incorporate supporting evidence. Our argumentative essay writers insist on the importance of countering the claims of other writers formally, which establishes your credibility in the eyes of your readers.

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