Are essay writing services legal in Canada?

The demand for custom essay writing services has drastically increased in Canada over the last few years. More students than never are now using these services to have their writing assignments done for them. Factors such as increased workload, limited time, family commitments, family responsibilities, and tight deadlines have made it challenging for students to write their own papers, thus causing them to seek the services of professional writers.

However, a major question that arises among students is whether essay writing services are legal in Canada. Thus, in this post, we will explore the ethicality and legality of these services in Canada, including the legal factors to consider.

The Popularity of Essay Writing Services in Canada

Custom writing services are not a new phenomenon among Canadian students. Over the last 2 decades, the popularity of these services has skyrocketed, thanks to increased internet coverage and access to computers, which have made it easier and more convenient for students to access these services.

Furthermore, the increase in the number of international students studying in Canada has also contributed to the sharp increase in the use of these services in the country. The majority of these students are non-native English speakers, hence they resort to hiring professional writers to complete their writing assignments for them.

Additionally, the increasing academic pressure has also significantly contributed to the increase in the demand for writing services in the country. Canada is known for having one of the best education systems in the world. Consequently, the workload can be overwhelming to most students especially those with other commitments such as work and family, who consequently may be tempted to use a cheap essay writing service to have their assignments done for them.

Are Essay Writing Services Legal in Canada?

The legality of paper writing services in Canada can be considered a grey area. There are no laws that explicitly prohibit writing services in the country. However, several legalities are involved if you opt to use these services and it is good for you to know them.

Academic Integrity

One of the major concerns associated with professional writing services is academic integrity. Paying someone to write your assignment for you can be considered a violation of academic integrity since you’re not writing your paper, yet submitting it as your own. Most academic institutions in Canada have very strict policies against academic integrity and cheating and if you’re caught using these services, you can face severe consequences.

Copyright Infringement

Furthermore, custom writing services involve using the work of another person and submitting it as your own, which can result in a violation of copyright laws especially if you’re not careful when placing your order.

Moreover, if a student submits an essay written by someone else and is caught, they can face legal action and their academic journey can be jeopardized.

Privacy Concerns

Often, writing companies require your personal information including your name, email, and billing information when you’re placing your order. If the service does not have a strict privacy policy, then you risk getting your personal information into the wrong hands. Thus, it’s important to ensure that you hire a reputable service that protects your personal information and values your privacy.

Fraudulent Services

Again, not all writing companies are legitimate and some usually engage in fraudulent activities including blackmail. For instance, some claim that they will deliver quality work but they don’t and still expect to be paid. Some might not deliver even after you have made the payment.

If you share your personal information with a fraudulent service, it might blackmail you, such as threatening to report you to your academic institution.

Thus, you must research to ensure that you are buying your essay from a trustworthy and reputable company.

Financial Risks

Lastly, these services can be costly and you need to ensure that you’re not getting scammed. Some companies (and freelance writing professionals) are fraudulent and may ask for upfront payments and not deliver anything, which can result in financial loss. Thus, you need to use the services of the best essay writing service in Canada to minimize such risks.

Pros and Cons of Using Essay Writing Services

Using custom writing services is associated with various advantages and disadvantages. These include:


  • Saving effort and time
  • Professionally written essays
  • Meet tight deadlines
  • Customization options
  • Get better grades


  • Can be expensive for students
  • May compromise academic integrity
  • Risk of copyright infringement and plagiarism
  • Risk of being scammed by fraudulent services / freelance writers

Nonetheless, despite these cons, I feel that using essay writing services is worthwhile. I personally used these services while in university since I was still in employment and could not afford to spend time writing essays, some of which were irrelevant to my profession. 

FAQs about Essay Writing Services in Canada

Is it legal for students to use an essay writing service in Canada?

Yes, it is legal for students to use writing services. Nonetheless, it’s not entirely legal and you must be aware of the legalities involved including copyright infringement and academic integrity.

How much does an essay writing service cost in Canada?

The cost of paper writing services vary depending on a range of factors including the deadline and the company that you choose. However, as a guideline, you can expect to pay a minimum of $13 per page for a standard quality paper that’s to be delivered in 14 days. You can check out this article to understand better how much essay writing services cost in the country.

Can using paper writing services lead to academic penalties?

If your instructor finds out that you used a third party to write your assignment, then you can face severe academic penalties including suspension and expulsion. So you must take precautionary measures including ensuring the paper uses your voice and style to minimize detection by your academic institution.

Can use an essay writing service lead to legal action?

Yes, especially if you submit a plagiarized paper, which can be considered a violation of copyright laws and result in legal action. So you must ensure that you use a service that delivers 100% original papers.

How can you ensure that you are hiring a legitimate company?

You need to do your research thoroughly. Some of the factors to consider include the company’s reputation online, customer reviews, and guarantees such as plagiarism-free work and timely delivery. You must also ensure that the company guarantees to protect your personal and financial information before placing your order with it.

What are the potential consequences of using professional writing services?

Possible consequences of using writing companies include financial loss, academic penalties, damage to your reputation, and legal action.

Are there alternatives to using custom writing services?

Yes, you can enhance your writing skills, manage your time better, or seek help from your instructor or academic advisors in your academic institution.

To conclude, the legality of paper writing services in Canada remains to be a grey area. The practice is legal, but you need to be aware of the legalities involved as well as the possible consequences of paying someone to write your paper for you. Furthermore, you need to research thoroughly to ensure that you’re hiring a reputable and trustworthy service or company that offers top-notch quality work and guarantees to protect your personal and financial information.


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