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APA Term Paper Format - The Definitive Guide

Writing a term paper in APA format can be difficult especially if you don’t have academic writing experience. You have to follow certain rules and guidelines, which are not always easy to understand. In this article, we will discuss some basic steps involved in creating your own APA formatted term paper. 

Steps to Write a Term Paper in APA Style

Title page: This is the first page of your term paper that contains all information about it such as title, author’s name, date, etc. It should contain at least one line with the title of your work, which should be at the top of your paper. You should use the right spacing on the title page.

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Abstract: An abstract is usually written before the introduction section of a term paper. Your abstract must include an overview of what your paper entails. If possible, try to keep it short but informative. Make sure that you provide enough details so that readers know exactly what they’re getting into when reading your full-length paper.

Including an abstract is not mandatory. However, many professors prefer students who do submit them because it helps them get a better idea of what their student has done. You should consult your professor to know whether you should include an abstract or not if it is not specified in the instructions.

APA Term Paper Format - Detailed Guide

Introduction: It is one of the most important parts of your paper when using the APA format. Here you need to introduce your topic by giving background information and explaining why it matters. Try to make it interesting for your reader. Include any relevant facts and statistics related to your research question. The introduction needs to capture the reader’s attention. It is your only opportunity to make a lasting fast impression.

A good introduction will make your readers want to read more. Make it brief, interesting, and informative to draw the reader’s attention.
You need to include the thesis statement in the introduction section of your paper as well. A thesis statement explains your point of view on your subject matter. It also gives direction to your entire argument.

Body paragraphs: Most content goes into this section of your term paper. Each paragraph should start with a clear topic sentence stating your main point. APA does not specify how long each paragraph should be; however, there are general recommendations regarding its length.

The body paragraphs should be between three and five sentences. Also, ensure each paragraph has a consistent number of lines. For instance, your paper would appear disorganized if some of the paragraphs are very long, and others very short.

Start each paragraph with a topic sentence, followed by the supporting evidence, and thereafter a concluding sentence.

Each paragraph within the body of your paper should start with a capital letter followed by a period. Use double spaces between sentences.

Avoid long run-on sentences. Keep each sentence under three lines. Do not end a sentence with a preposition. Our cheap essay writers recommend writing short sentences.

Use subheadings to organize your ideas. Subheads help break up large blocks of text and give structure to your term paper. Also, follow APA’s guidelines regarding the different levels of headings, which are formatted differently.

A term paper in the APA format must have a conclusion. This part summarizes all points made throughout the rest of the paper. In addition, it provides closure to the whole piece.

Conclusion: At the end of your paper, summarize everything you’ve discussed earlier in the document. Summarize without repeating yourself. Avoid making unnecessary conclusions such as “I think” or “It seems like.” Instead, use specific statements about your findings.

Never introduce new ideas or arguments in the conclusion section of your paper. Your goal here is, to sum up, your thoughts and provide a summary of the main points in your paper.

The references section at the last  page of your paper contains citations from other sources that support what you’re saying. These can be books, articles, websites, etc. 

An APA term paper must end with a references page. This is where you list any additional materials used during the writing process. Include information about the author, title, publisher, date published, location, and pages cited.

APA has a guideline on how to reference different kinds of materials. For instance, you format books, journal articles, magazine articles, webpages, and newspapers differently. Ensure you check out APA’s guide on how to reference different sources.

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Pro Tips To Increase Your Productivity and Make Your Paper Better

  • In-text citations: When referencing another source, include the name of the person who wrote the material, the year it was published. For example, if it is a book, you can cite as (Doe, 20xx). APA provides a detailed guide on in-text citations. Check it out to have an idea on elements such as how to cite sources that do not have authors.
  • Citation generators: There are many online citation generators online that will generate APA citations for you. These tools are free but can save your time. When using these generators, you don’t have to worry about memorizing how to reference different types of materials. You just insert a URL or the title of the article or book and they generate a properly formatted citation for you within seconds.
  • Formatting rules: APA has various technical formatting rules that you need to follow carefully. In all APA papers, Use double space between paragraphs. Set margins to 1 inch on all sides. Align your work to the left and indent new paragraphs (apart from the abstract). Use the appropriate font, which is Times New Roman 12 point size. Make sure there is no extra spacing before or after quotations. Do not underline anything unless it is essential.
  • Always check with the various credible sources if unsure whenever you need clarification. These include the official APA website. Here, you will learn whether there are new updates or changes in the formatting style. You can also use our APA Essay Writing Service if you need help to write your paper. 










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