Essay writing tools for better papersWriters, poets, researchers, or students of any discipline can benefit through technology. New computer applications are developed every year that help people improve their creativity and productivity skills. 

Here is a list of the top 10 online tools to use to improve writing.

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Grammarly – Best for Proofreading Essays and Checking for Plagiarism

Developed by experts, Grammarly is one of the most comprehensive grammar checkers available on the Internet today. The website offers free resources, but a Grammarly premium version is available at $29 per month with additional features like a plagiarism checker and text editor. 

Grammarly offers many exciting options for checking grammar, such as wordy phrases, subject-verb agreement, and voice and text alignment. The website can analyze 170 types of rules to improve your writing.

The application also has numerous tones that one can set. You should choose a essay writing service that understands how to write papers using the appropriate academic style, but you can use the business tone when writing business emails.


Pablo is another free website that enables people to generate professional images for their blogs, websites, or presentations from a custom list of words. 

Users must type in a list of words, upload an image as background design (or choose from a range of available templates), and the website automatically adds the word list into a diagram.

Users can also add their custom color scheme to pictures using colors from the RYB color wheel or by tapping on one of the many shades shown in real-time. 

The application is compatible with Google Docs and Pictures, making it easy to edit and share.

Hemingway Editor

This free website checks for common writing mistakes in the manner of the Hemingway App. It highlights sentences with hard-to-read words, long sentences, and complex sentence structure. Word count and reading time analyses are also used to check if the document is too difficult for readers to understand quickly.

Using the application is not as easy as the Hemingway App because you have to copy text from your Microsoft Word document into a text field on the website. It also has a text editor feature that highlights words and phrases to use or avoid while writing. 

Julie, one of our low-cost custom essay writing experts, notes that the Hemingway Editor is one of the best tools students can use to ensure flawless writing.


Aside from its online storage and mobile application, Evernote has a web version that enables users to capture images, text, or audio. The tool allows people to add tags and notes on these resources so they can be searched later. 

What makes it unique is that everything saved in one’s account can be accessed across all devices using the Evernote Web Clipper. 

If text is saved into the application, users can create a document from it, make edits such as formatting and highlighting portions of text, and then synchronize the document back to their computers or devices.

Users can also attach notes on pictures or documents in their account to easily find everything later on when they need to. This application works with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box.

Creating different notebooks for various tasks or projects is possible, such as making grocery lists, storing information on internet sites that users want to visit, or recording ideas while writing a story. 

Writers can also use the application to develop character sketches by adding pictures of people they want to create and notes on their personalities. 

The tool also has a feature that allows users to record audio through the Internet while doing other tasks such as driving.


A plagiarism checker that can be used before handing in an assignment to ensure the work is original. 

It also helps students avoid accidentally copying incorrect information from outside sources, thereby avoiding unintentional plagiarism or going back and rewriting their work. 

Plagiarism can lead to grade deductions or failing marks, so the fewer mistakes students make in this area, the better their chances of getting straight A’s and avoiding costly rewrites.

Google Keep

Another free application, Google Keep, primarily serves as an online notebook for taking notes from different sources. One can add images by taking a picture or using existing photographs or images from Google’s image library. Notetaking can also be done without logging into an account. 

A useful function of this tool is to add reminders so users can remember important dates and deadlines. 

Users can set a reminder for any note by checking the ‘Remind me’ box at the bottom of the application and then entering a date or time and even repeating it. 

This application also enables users to make changes in notes because everything can be saved online.


Another writing application, Ommwriter, is a free tool that works with Windows and Mac. It was designed by a writer to give users the best environment for writing. You can customize the user interface so it fits one’s needs while writing. 

It has a timer feature that tracks how long a person writes per day to ensure they do not spend too much time. The tool has consistently proven to be one of the most important for our cheap essay writers help. It drastically increases productivity.

Changes made in the application are saved online. Users do not have to worry about losing work since they can access everything from any device. 

They can also choose from eleven different background images and font styles for their documents and create a document without logging into an account.

Free online tools are available for people who want to improve their writing skills and create outstanding documents. These applications help them add spice or eliminate mistakes as they write, while others enable writers to save ideas and edit work with ease. It is advisable to use these applications with good computer or internet service.

Besides, our cheap and reliable essay writing service also comes in handy when students wish to submit high-quality essays in time. You can request that your essay be written by one of our experts in as little as 3 hours. 

We guarantee to deliver superior quality papers each time, so you should try us if you need help with your essays, research papers, term papers, and assignments in any academic discipline.


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