17th Century Persian Society Essay

Read John Chardin, Travels in Persia, 1673-1677 and then submit the Chardin paper. Answer the following question in a one-page paper: Citing specific evidence from Chardin's Travels in Persia (not from the textbook), what were some of the main features, or characteristics, of seventeenth-century Persian society? Before proceeding, you might wish to read the short notes on Chardin and the Safavid Empire and review the study questions on Chardin. Your paper must follow this format: font size 10 or 12 only one-inch margins double-spaced page number citations for your quoted evidence not to exceed one (1) page name at the top left must have brief introduction and conclusion paragraphs (each not to exceed three lines)

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17th Century Persian Society

            The Safavid Shah’s rule in Persia was is an important element in Iranian history. During their reign, the Persian Empire was able to regain its sovereignty and to protect its boarders from the Ottoman and Mughal Empires. During the 17th century, John Chardin, the French jeweler, travelled to Persia and stayed there for around four years. While there, he noted various characteristics regarding the Persian society during the period.

            One of the characteristics of this society was its literature, architectural, and poetry culture. These elements were highly emphasized by Safavid Shah. Furthermore, to highlight the extent to which the society respected arts during the period, the empire received him with great favor, and even commissioned him to make various pieces of jewelry. Additionally, it can also be seen that the society was friendly, in that it accepted Chardin, despite his being from a different cultural and religious background. Additionally, while staying in the Persian Empire, Chardin used to travel with the courts, perhaps because of the respect that the society had for him. Another element notable with the kingdom was its attitude towards its leadership and elements such as alcoholism. In 1666, for instance, Safi II was crowned as Shah, despite being an alcoholic, which is one of the reasons that Chardin left the Empire since it was losing its glory.

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            Hence, one may conclude that the society was substantially civilized, considering that it could accept a stranger such as Chardin, who was from a different religion and culture. Besides, the society was also passionate about the poetry, literature, and arts in general, since upon the arrival of Chardin in the Kingdom, he was commissioned to design various pieces of jewelry.


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